Additional Material

On this page you will find some additional material about the book.  But what do I mean by "additional material"?  For now anyway, three things really. 

One is some links to blog posts I've written about writing the book and things related to the process of writing and editing and marketing the book.  I guess you could call this "behind the scenes" stuff. 

Second, some links that will help fill out some mostly biographical or memoir-like information in the book that is only hinted at but that, who knows, you might want to know more about.  For example, I note in the book that I announced I was an atheist one day during freshman English class in high school but later that day renounced my atheism after breaking my collar bone during a dodge-ball incident.  I don't describe the incident in the book, but I do here. 

Third, some interviews that I've done about the book on blogs and radio shows and the like. 

So, this page has these sorts of things.  I see this as sort of a "catch-all" page for stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else.

Proofreading the book

Who should read my book on CD?

Coming up with the title

Holy Hullabaloos: The Query

A story about my Hebrew School days

A one minute video on YouTube of my 4 year old son reading the book

A one minute video on YouTube of my family's catch phrase: "Daddy Doesn't Know"

An interview with me (10 questions) about writing the book, at the blog Religion Dispatches

An interview with me about church-state issues at the blog FriendlyAtheist.

My radio interview with Barry Lynn on his show Culture Shocks

My radio interview with Welton Geddy on Air America's "State of Belief" (June 20, 2009, starting at 19:27 remaining)