Deleted Material



So you know how movie DVDs always have some deleted material that you can watch--deleted scenes that the director was fond of but which ultimately got left on the so-called cutting room floor?  Who doesn't love watching these little snippets of rejected film--parts of the movie that just weren't good enough to make it into the final version that was probably pretty crappy anyway?  Wow--stuff that's so crappy it couldn't make it into a crappy movie--What a delight to watch!  Anyway, I thought I'd take a lesson from the movie industry and include some stuff here that I tried to get into the final version of my book but that my editors, who unlike me actually know something about publishing and how to make a good book and what people "like" to read and "don't like" to read, wisely deleted.

For example, this painting on the right side of the screen is a painting I did of Justice Sam Alito with a small green bunny on his shoulder.  I turned this in to my editors as part of the book, and they swiftly cut it.  According to them, there should be exactly zero paintings of Justice Sam Alito with a small green bunny on his shoulder in my book.  Fair enough.  But in case you want to see it, here it is.

The following are links to my blog that will allow you to read some other material, such as footnotes and scenes, that my editors deleted.  More and more of these will be posted as the publication date nears.

Tomah, Wisconsin, part I (about a visit to an Amish community and a conversation with an Amish Bishop named Gideon Miller)

Tomah, Wisconsin, part II

A footnote about Wisconsin v. Yoder in which I discuss "Hotel California"

A footnote about Justice Breyer's giant brain.

A passage about my high school Latin teacher, the word "vagina," and a smoking, motorcycle-driving Amish guy