First, some links related to people and places in the book:

Grendel's Den (Cambridge Massachusetts)

Kiryas Joel, New York

Ave Maria, Florida

CBS reports on Ernesto Pichardo's original Supreme Court victory

The Office of the Senate Chaplain

Santa Fe High School Football

Steven Pinker's homepage

The Freedom from Religion Foundation  (and Dan Barker's music)

Mike Newdow's homepage

Stephen Prothero's homepage

The CloudWater Zendo Buddhist temple in Cleveland

Shamsuddin Waheed's blog

The Creation Museum

The town of New Glarus, Wisconsin--home of Wisconsin v. Yoder

A story about my pathetic high school football career

My hometown temple


A few law links:

The best law and religion blog in cyberspace

All about what's going on in the Supreme Court

A blog about law and teaching law that I contribute to


Literary Humor on the Web

McSweeney's, Opium, Barrelhouse, Monkeybicycle, Yankee Pot Roast

Utter Wonder is the blog of the hilarious Chris Monks

And this is the blog of the also hilarious Eric Spitznagel

The Advisor Part 1

The Advisor Part 2